Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 .223/5.56 Magazine


Hexmag Series 2 .223/5.56 AR-15 Magazine

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The next gen Hexmag has finally arrived!  Available in black, flat dark earth (FDE), olive drab green (ODG) and dark gray in 10/30, 15/30, and 30-round configurations.

Here is a list of the major modifications to Series 2 Hexmag magazines:

  • Updated feed lip provides greater reliability with a larger variety of rifles
  • Easier seating on a closed bolt made possible by an improved catch-pocket and lead in ramp
  • Compatible with stripper clips making loading your Hexmags faster than ever before
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52 Reviews

Steve 12th Oct 2017

Dedicated mag

I have jumped into the .300 game late, and wanted a mag specifically for my .300s. The Hex Mag gives me a nice choice in that they posses both visual and tactile differences so I know immediately I am dealing with my .300 AAC cartridges. Saves me from making a Kaboom! That and so far the Series 2 mag seems the perfect functional fit for my AR platform. I have had ZERO issues with these mags. Should update your picture though, as the series ONE has the extrusion sprue on the front edge (as shown), but these are Series TWO magazines (the improved version) and the extrusion sprue is now on the back spine. Small detail, but details count.

James Smith 11th May 2017

Hexmags for AR 15

I have three AR 15's of different makes and several different lowers. I tried the Hexmag on all of the AR's and had no problem with any of them. They work flawlessly. Excellent product and I plan on buying more.

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