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Lee Precision Classic 4 Hole Turret Press Deluxe Kit Reloading Starter Kit

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Lee Precision Classic 4 Hole Turret Press Deluxe Kit Reloading Starter Kit

The Lee Precision 4 Hole Classic Turret Press utilizes turrets that lock into a solid steel ring allowing the reloader to quickly and effortlessly change calibers. Simply lift out the entire turret and replace with an extra turret (sold separately) set up in a different caliber. The powerful linkage allows even the largest magnum cases to be sized with minimal effort. Boasting generous hand clearance and a comfortable wood grip the Lee turret press will offer years of service to the even the most seasoned reloaders. 

Technical Information

Press Type: Turret Press 
Frame Material: Steel and Cast Iron
Frame Design: 
Frame Offset: 
Frame Opening Size: 
Handle Location: Bottom Right or Left 
Die Size Accepted: 7/8"-14 Threaded Dies 
Turrets Accepted: Yes
Turrets Used: Lee 4-Hole Turrets
Spent Primer Collection System: Built-in 
Ram Stroke: 3-1/2" 
Ram Diameter: 
Priming Feature: Lever Prime System with large and small primer cups included 
Number of Mounting Holes: 3
Mounting Hardware Included: No
Deluxe Kit Includes: 

  • Turret Press with Auto Index
  • Auto Drum Powder Measure
  • Large and Small Safety Prime System
  • Safety Powder Scale
  • Case Conditioning Kit (Including: Case Trimmer Cutter and Lock Stud, Chamfer Tool, Large and Small Primer Pocket Cleaner, Lee Case Sizing Lube)
  • Modern Reloading 2nd Edition, Revised Reloading Manual

Additional Features: Auto Index 
Warranty: 2 Year Unconditional Guarantee

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