Hexmag Vinyl Grip Tape

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Hexmag Magazine Vinyl Grip Tape

This tape can be used with any product but is specifically made to fit within the Hex pattern on our Hexmag magazines and Hexmag AR-15 pistol grip. The tape comes with enough precut hexagon pieces to completely fill one magazine or enough to fit several magazines if you do not fill every space. Hexmag Grip Tape provides a firmer grip than the default magazine pattern and sits flush with the pattern surface making it easy to use in a pouch or other standard holder.

  • Can be used with any magazine or grip or even electronics to add a superior grip.
  • Waterproof and easy to apply to curved surfaces
  • Available in black or gray
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22 Reviews

Scott 5th Aug 2016

Hexmag tape

They are really good looking on my grip. The only reason its not higher is they only come in one size so I had to cut to fit...not my stong suit...but still pretty awesome

CatHunter 30th Jul 2016

Improvement with limitations.

This greatly improves the texture of the Hexmag but the adhesive is not sufficiently strong to keep the pads adhered to the curved contour of the magazine.

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