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Lee Precision 18-Cavity Bullet Mold 240 Diameter #4 Buckshot

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Lee Precision 18-Cavity Bullet Mold 240 Diameter #4 Buckshot

 The Lee Precision 18-Cavity bullet mold #4 buckshot is a quality aluminum bullet mold at a affordable price. These mold are blocks are rust resistant and are CNC machined from aluminum. This allows the mold to heat and cool down faster than iron or steel molds, while also providing a mold that is one-third the weight. The 18-cavity mold uses standard 6-cavity mold handles which are not included. 

Material:  Aluminum

Capacity: 18

Diameter: 0.24"

Bullet Style: #4 Shot

Handle Included: No

Gas Check: No

Bullet Weight: 200 Grain

Mold Caliber: #4 Buckshot

Technical Information:

Material: Aluminum mold blocks
Cavities: 18 
Features: Lee #4 Buckshot can be loaded with a variety of different loadings. Please consult a loading manual before working up loads.
Notes: Weights and sizes given are Lee's weights and sizes with suggested alloy; actual weight and size may vary due to alloy mixture used.

A note from Lee Precision on their bullet molds:
Lee Precision does not recommend the use of any spray type mold release products in their bullet molds. The use of such products may result in a build-up of the release product in the bullet mold cavity, reducing the diameter of the bullets cast from the treated mold. Instead, Lee Precision recommends smoking the mold with a wooden match, beeswax candle or a butane lighter as described in their provided bullet mold instructions.

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